Conveying your brand in visual form is identity design. Whether you call it a logo or brand, it’s the symbol you use to identify your company. Here is a selection of brand identities we’ve developed for clients. 

A professional brand identity is not just for large companies, a recognizable brand offers significant benefits for small business owners too.



A well-designed brand identity leaves a more professional and trustworthy impression with your clients and customers.


A unique Identity helps distinguish your business from your competitors, making it easier for customers to recognize and remember it.

Customer Loyalty

A consistent brand identity helps customers easily recognize you and builds trust, which can eventually turn them into customers.

Marketing and Advertising

Clear branding makes marketing messages more effective by providing a consistent voice and visual style. A strong brand identity can help make marketing campaigns more impactful and memorable.

Perceived Value

A professional brand identity can provide market positioning and thereby elevate the perceived value of products or services, allowing for higher pricing strategies. Customers often associate a well-branded business with higher quality and better service.

Business Growth

A clear brand identity facilitates business expansion and scaling, as it’s easier to replicate a well-defined brand across different customer touchpoints. For those seeking investors, a solid brand identity makes your business easier to understand and therefore easier for investors to put their money into.