A Pinup with Great Legs

An established BC-based wine importer launching their own wine label needed package design for a set of wine labels. They didn’t have any existing branding, so it was a completely blank slate for us to work on. They’d chosen the name “Great Legs” and they wanted a custom illustrated 1940’s pinup girl on the label. This project was a lot of fun and the reference images were mostly of the queen of pinups, Bettie Page!

They needed a couple of wine labels designed, one for red and one for white. They had already begun the process of importing the wine from Chile, and their supplier would do the printing and production part of the process. We supplied them with a BC LDB compliant label, with a UPC, stating the alcohol content and origin, making it eligible to be sold in liquor stores throughout BC.


Services provided: graphic design, packaging design, custom illustration

Wine label showing pinup girl with great legs