Accompanying phone book ad

Website Design, Development and Copywriting
for a Remote Property Developer and Contractor

Landtec Industries are the people to call if you need remote property development in the Gulf Islands of BC. They blast rocks, they shear cliffs, and they can get any piece of property ready for building.

They’d begun creating a new website but needed help to get it over the finish line. They had great photographs to showcase their work, so we put the pieces together and made it clear to readers what they are all about.

They started out as a mostly excavation outfit and their website needed an update to reflect what they’re capable of now. They also offer building materials, such as gravel crush, which can be confusing for buyers so they were getting a lot of questions by phone, so we offered a showcase of their products with descriptions to make it easier for buyers to make decisions about what they wanted.


Using the website copy that they already had, we rewrote it to make it more understandable for people not in the industry, while maintaining their voice and expertise on the topic.

Graphic Design

They have a unusual business, and icons to represent blasts and cliff shears weren’t readily available so we created custom icons for them to convey their message visually. We also designed an ad to go in the local phone book for them.

Website Design and Development

We worked on the website that they had started to develop in WordPress, and got it over the finish line by arranging content so that it was easy to navigate, making good use of their stunning photos and adding the finishing touches that it needed.