People have asked us what we use and recommend for getting our projects done and the tools we use in-house. So, here’s our list of resources and tools that we use to keep our business on track and organized.

For Business Owners

Here are the tools we use to run our own business


Organize Everything (not kidding)

Usually if someone tells you that an app can change your life and business, it would be normal to meet the claim with a dose of scepticism, however Notion is that app. Although there is a paid option, the free tier lets you do an enormous amount. In Notion, I’ve created documents from planning social media content in calendar form, through to writing entire business plans, planning projects and website launches, and even creating simple websites. Notion is amazing.

Set up your Canadian Business

Register your business name and get set up with Ownr. They walk you through the process, from name selection to registration with the government. They make it easy and offer support if you need it.

Grow your e-mail list

Having a list of email subscribers is a great way to keep your customers interested and turn them into buyers. A great way to grow your website’s subscriber list is with a simple CTA solution like Hello Bar.

Create a course on a full-featured LMS and course creation platform, LearnWorlds

There are many course creation and LMS solutions to choose from out there. We’ve found LearnWorlds to be best-in-class for a robust learning platform to use. Its fully-featured course creation platform lets you not only build video courses but allows the creation of tests and learner activities, and interactive video content. Add ebooks and even create your own interactive mobile app. 

Build your empire, buy a website or online business through Flippa

Keep your passwords safe and secure by using 1Password

We use 1Password for keeping unique passwords and it has been a lifesaver quite a few times already. The subscription price is very reasonable and it’s an absolute no-brainer for us.

For creatives and designers

Here are some tools and resources that we use as web and graphic designers

Shopify Themes

Get a head start on eCommerce projects with a flexible and powerful Shopify theme for eCommerce from Pixel Union / Out of the Sandbox

Get Clients

Find new projects and clients with Pangea. Pangea is a handy place for find companies that are hiring for creative roles.

Stay Organized

Organize your clients, contracts and projects easily with HoneyBook. The templates and contract templates are great, and knowing which tasks are ahead of you, and where clients are in your pipeline really makes it easy to stay on top of multiple client projects. We’ve been using Honeybook for around a year and it’s a great solution for creatives that work with clients mostly online and have packaged services.