The Secrets to Building a Successful Online eCommerce Store

I think we’ve all seen those YouTubers who say great things about how easy it is to build a successful store and make a truckload of money, just like they did. First, let me just point out that most people who are making videos about how easy it is to build successful online stores are likely not the same people who are also running successful online stores.

Running an eCommerce store is hard work and they don’t always succeed. However, they can actually turn into a thriving business if you do it right. Even without your own products, you can still make it work. For the rest of us, those who don’t already have a massive following, having huge success without a lot of hard work and strategy is not usually the reality. Over the years, we’ve run stores and worked with clients to set theirs up, and we thought it might be handy to go over some problems that we often see in stores that aren’t making sales.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your store if you’re not getting sales:

Is your product good?

You have a far better chance of success if your product is good and looks reliable. Have you got reviews to show people that it’s good? Have you bought some samples yourself to see how it really is. Without good products, you are going to have some struggles selling.

Does your product look good?

Are you photographs and product shots as good as they should be? If you’re dropshipping and you’ve left the manufacturers logo marks on your photos then people are going to instantly make the connection and not buy. How about your website – does it look professional? Is your branding polished and consistent?

How is your customer experience?

Do people trust your site? Can your customers depend on you if they make a purchase? What happens if they aren’t happy with their purchase? All of these things factor into a buyer’s decision-making process. What is it like to receive their purchase, does their parcel come in a branded mailer package with a thank you note, or does it end up arriving in an unmarked, plain envelope?

Is your site trustworthy?

If you’re losing customers at the end of the sales process, this often indicates that they don’t trust your site. Sometimes it can be because shipping charges are unexpected or because they can’t obtain shipping rates.

Building a successful online store is possible. We hope these tips have been useful. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so we can send you more tips like this. Happy selling!

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